środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

The very first post

This blog was meant to be about cooking. My dear friends' request. Nothing special about the food, really, just quick recipes - what else can you do with a Little Human Being that seems to be glued to your leg? Especially, when the human being makes cracking, whining, squeaky - actually all kinds of annoying, high-pitched noises in order to force you to stop doing whatever you do. It has to be quick. And nutritious, cause the Little Human Being has to recover quickly to scream and shout even more later, of course.
But then I've realized, that when the whining human being naps or sleeps - I actually have time for other crafts, so why not to have it all here?
I must admit, it's a difficult task to start blogging. Hopefully, I won't quit :)

Flower's Mum and her Little Flower aka Whining Monster

2 komentarze:

  1. Heeey! Welcome to blogging!!
    I can't wait to see your delicious soup recipes, your beautiful pictures and everything you do! :)