środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

Not-Very-Manly Legwarmers

I am the biggest fan of legwarmers. Little Flower uses reusable diapers. They are eco-friendly and cute. You don't really feel like covering them with more pieces of clothing. Legwarmers are great choice, especially when you use potty (they make it so easy!) or you want to enjoy changing diapers with little effort. And they are pretty too!
Why pink? Because I like pink, orange and green. Little Flower is not familiar with the concept of fashion , so I can decide for him... Yay ;) Poor little guy is not aware of the fact that in some circles and cultures it is regarded strange for boys to wear pink. Oh, frown upon, people, he can't even say "pink" yet :-)

Oh, how I hated them while making! The yarn was nice but extremely thin and it was also my first time with 5 pointy needles. It took me half a year to knit them. I was afraid Little Flower would be too big if I ever finish them. When I've finished, I've promised to myself that never again. But short after that I went to one of my favorite shops and punished myself with same yarn but in different color. What can you do, when you simply fall in love? 

4 komentarze:

  1. Hehe, I know what you're talking about! Making something that almost killed you but then seeing the result and finding so cute that you do it again! Even though you promised yourself never to do it again! hahaha Welcome to the club!!

    The first ones took half a year... but the new knitting projects to come will take less and less!

  2. I know :) making the next pair took me two weeks and only cause I had a break while knitting :) btw, second sleeve is almost finished and looks nothing like the first one - dear god :D I am worried ;)

  3. Dawno nie widzialam tak smacznie dobranych kolorow!